Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

To provide a transformative educational experience in a learning environment where each student can grow and thrive.

Core Values

Our learning environment is supported by our core values:

  • Integrity - Students learn to be a person of their word, where their deeds and their actions become more aligned. Living with integrity becomes a way of being that leads to many moments of pride in the work they accomplish whether it be through academics or community service. 

  • Accountability - Students are encouraged to work to their potential and to learn to hold themselves accountable for their work and their actions. 

  • Respect - Students are keenly aware that we should approach all that we do with this value in mind.  We focus on treating everyone with respect and expect the same from everyone in our community. 

  • Dignity - Students realize they have a right to be valued, and more importantly, they learn to treat others with kindness, love, and respect. 



Achieving accreditation from Cognia is a highly esteemed recognition that holds global significance. Through our rigorous accreditation process, Cognia identifies schools and systems that exemplify excellence in education and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to serving their students. Being accredited by Cognia serves as a distinguished mark of quality and is a testament to a school or system's dedication to providing exceptional education.