Educational Philosophy

At Xavier Academy, we embrace Relational Learning as our core educational philosophy. Our approach reimagines the traditional classroom dynamic, shifting the teacher's role from one of authority to that of a trusted guide.

In a Relational Learning environment, our teachers act as both mentors and orienteers, assisting in a student's personal growth and maintaining the trajectory of their course of study. This requires active engagement with each student, continuously monitoring their needs, interests, and well-being. By building relationships with students, our teachers can provide academic, social, and personal support all at the same time.

By designing personalized projects, encouraging individual passions, and fostering collaboration with others in the classroom, all students experiences learning adjusted to their needs.. Our inclusive learning environment is created to support our students can thrive academically and personally.

Incorporating Technology in the Classroom

To prepare our students to succeed in their future academic and professional endeavors, we are committed to incorporating digital technology in the classroom. All our students use the Microsoft suite of office products, Canvas, and other online research tools. Our web based app allows students and families to stay connected with staff and school programs.