A healthy lifestyle is just as important as a healthy mindset. At Xavier Academy, incorporating physical activity into the school day is essential for students.

Our approach to physical education at Xavier Academy is student-centric. We design the day’s activities around the students’ energy levels, ensuring that they get the physical activity they need while also enjoying themselves. This approach not only promotes physical fitness but also fosters a positive attitude towards exercise.

Additionally, we offer after-school athletics programs through TAPPS, where students can participate in various sports teams, such as golf and tennis, stimulating true sportsmanship and wholesome competition for all.

Competitive Sports



Through The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS), Xavier Academy offers competitive sports teams for our middle school and high school students to participate in golf, tennis, and track & field, volleyball, and basketball. TAPPS serves to organize, stimulate, encourage, and promote the academic, athletic, and fine arts to foster a spirit of fair play, sportsmanship, and friendly competition among students.



  • It consists of a High School Varsity Team and a Middle School Junior Varsity Team

  • The Head Coach is Fernando Cervantes

  • Students practice off-campus at Memorial Park Tennis Center

Track and Field

As our school grows, we will be adding more competitive sports teams to our athletic program. For more information on our sports teams, please get in touch with our Director of Athletics, Coach Charles Gipson, Jr.

Nature Program & Physical Health

Hiking/Nature We are lucky enough to be surrounded by such a great city with so many hidden gems. Our proximity to Houston Arboretum & Nature Center makes it easy to take groups of students on hikes. Houston’s weather is notorious for its ability to change in a blink of an eye, and sometimes we aren’t able to spend time outside due to rain. Our backup to hiking outside is to walk indoors, such as at The Galleria Mall. This way, our students still get their physical activity regardless of nature’s circumstances. Fishing Much like hiking, our proximity to vast creeks right behind our building gives Xavier students the chance to fish and enjoy the fresh air. Originally, the Fishing Club started as a way to give new students a mental break from their new environment and take a moment to breathe. Now, the club is student-led and practices catch-and-release fishing techniques. Adventure Club For students who really love the outdoors, our Adventure Club might be of interest. The Adventure Club goes on classic, overnight camping outings which means no electronics, tent camping, excursions and fireside talks. These outings begin taking place in November and take place on Fridays-Saturdays.